Welcome to our online companion for careful readers and teachers of the late Ted Greenwald’s work. You will find reviews and analysis of his books, interviews with Greenwald, as well as other writings.

Ted Greenwald (1942-2016) published over thirty anthologies of his poetry for over fifty years, and is a poet widely read and studied.  Greenwald’s work has been featured in the PennSound series, the Segue Reading Series at the Bowery Poetry Club, and Public Access Poetry. Heralded as an innovator in the world of poetry, Greenwald was a trailblazer for modern poets everywhere through his creation of Language poetry, inviting the reader to find meaning instead of the poet providing one.

The Age of Reasons: Uncollected Poems, 1969–1982 brings together poems that were not included in past books, although many appeared in magazines and literary journals of the day.  Surprising the reader with his engaging language, often inspired by the styles of both the New York School and the Language poets, The Age of Reasons provides a new look at Greenwald’s life and work.

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